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Custom Cloth Masks (Non-Medical) from Taiwan

Get Extra Protection! Non-surgical masks from Taiwan made of soft fabric, light & breathable, endure multiple washes. View HERE for details and prices, or Contact us today to inquire or Get Samples.

Cloth Masks Functioning as:
1) An external mask to wear outside the surgical mask and to extend the use of medical epidemic masks.
2) Anti-dust cloth mask. Those who are in good health may choose to wear only cloth masks when they are engaged in outdoor activities and mass transit with sufficient ventilation.
3) A timely promotional item
YP11059 By Sublimation
Custom Masks Moisture Wicking Fabric
YP11059 Solid Color
Masks Moisture Wicking Fabric
YP11059S By Sublimation
Custom Masks Kid's Size Moisture Wicking Fabric
YP11059S Solid Color
Masks Kid's Size Moisture Wicking Fabric 
YP11060 By Sublimation
Custom Masks Cooling Fabric
YP11060S By Sublimation
Custom Masks Kid's Size Cooling Fabric

Let us strive to survive together. YesPromotion is a factory in Taiwan and serves your demands for fast delivery of promotional items.
Yes Promotion (Tax Code: 28888154)
Sales: 13F, No. 460, Sect. 5, Cheng Kung Road, Neihu District, Taipei 114, TAIWAN
TEL: 886 2 2632 4076
Factory (Registration Code 65003449)
No. 23, Lane 430, Fude 1st Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221, TAIWAN


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